Automatic disc filter
1,5 m3/h

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The pre-filtration system that effectively removes sediments, rust and other mechanical impurities from 50 up to 150 microns.

The disc pre-filter with an automatic rinsing system and anti-flood sensor. It purifies water entering the building, thus protects the home water-operating instralations and applinaces.

Automatic rinsing system based on water flow or time setting. The filter works in a backwash self-clean mode to remove any debris accumulated on the filter into the sewage system. Thanks to the disc structure, the filter does not require replacement of filtering cartridges and allows for many years of maintenance-free operation.

The electronic display allows for precise setting of the device according to the water specification. The filter has been made by a RX valve manufactutrer.

A filter with a capacity of 50 microns should not be used for ground water. A filter with a capacity of 150 microns can be used for ground water with a turbidity up to  20 NTU.

Maximum performance

1,5 m3/h

Power output

12 V / 1,5 A

Inlet / outlet connection

3/4 inch

Operating pressure

1 – 6 bar

Filtration capacity

50 – 150 µm




Ø 16 mm


on site (flare)

Additional functions

Anti-flooding protection

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