Iron Remover with RX107 Aeration valve

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Iron remover are devices responsible for water treatment. Water iron remover are flow tanks made of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, fitted with appropriate filters. They are used on the installation with water from a private intake. They reduce or remove quite iron and manganese present in the water. The appropriate selection of this type of equipment is made on the basis of the results of water tests.

The device treats water by removing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide using a specialized filtration bed. Individually programmed iron remover calculates the amount of water which has been treated. After the regeneration (rinsing) process, the device regains its filtration capacity, thus it can again treat water effectively. Before using the device, please read this installation manual and comply with all rules for safety start-up and operation of the device.

Compliance with the manual ensures safety and full performance of the purchased device. Lack of compliance may cause damage in health and material. Installation of the device must be in accordance with the applicable standards and law requirements.


  • control valve with ceramic discs giving high
    mechanical endurance and quiet operation,
  • automatic regeneration,
  • simple construction,
  • output and input signal connectors
  • no additional chemicals needed for
  • hygienic certificate

RX67C3, RX75A3


drinking water

Working temperature

5 ˚C – 50 ˚ C

Working pressure


Power supply

110 – 230 V,
50-60 Hz