Molecular water filter Piano REDOX

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Drinking water filter with 7 stages of filtration for extra clean water.

Included: active carbor, RO membrane, REDOX and remineralization cartridge

Molecular Piano REDOX filter provides clean, mineralized water with a negative REDOX factor. It effectively protects your body from stress, fatigue and disease by filtering out harmful substances and bacteria.

Piano REDOX home water filter provides:

  • effective oxidation – reduction (REDOX capacity) of harmful free radicals (and a high hydrogen content (up to 600 ppb)
  • correct molecular structure of water
  • alkaline pH (approx. 9-10 pH)
  • natural minerals
  • exceptional water purity

With the use of reverse osmosis membrane, the Piano REDOX water filter retains all the contamination and allergens at the molecular level.

The membrane stops over 160 pollutants from getting to your drinking water, such as:

  • chlorine dioxide,
  • fluorine,
  • lead and mercury
  • particles below 0.2 microns, including asbestos, deposits, dirt and limescale
  • 33 pesticides and pesticide by-products,
  • 13 by-products of the disinfection process,
  • radon and radon decomposition by-products in drinking water,
  • 9 pharmaceutical impurities,
  • 42 types of endocrine disruptors,
  • carcinogenic substances potentially present in water.

How does molecular filtration work?

Reverse osmosis is the most effective and natural way of water treatment, as it works at the molecular level, with th ehelp of a membrane with pores of 0.1 nanometer.

The membrane only allows water molecules and some minerals to pass through. The remaining pollutants – chlorine, fluorine, industrial waste, batteries, fungi, heavy metals, lead, bromine and many others – are retained and removed along with the waste water to the sewage drain.

Viruses, which measure 18 nanometers on average, will not pass through the membrane and into the drinking water. Also, the coronavirus, 60 nanometers in size, will not make its way through the RO membrane.

Research confirms that REDOX water:

  • supports the proper functioning of cells,
  • reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease,
  • prevents skin diseases and rheumatoid arthritis,
  • protects cells against changes related to harmful environmental factors.

Therefore, it is recommended for drinking straight from the tap, also for infants, seniors, people with immunity deficiency and allergies. RO filtered water is excellent for cooking, brewing and preparing herbal infusions, as it keeps the natural taste of food and drinks.

Also skincare would benefit from the water filtered with Piano REDOX. The irritation-prone skin stays soft and calm, dermatitis and psoriasis are under control and may even heal.

The Piano REDOX water filter consists of:

  • 2 sedimentation cartridges
  • 2 carbon cartridges
  • mineralizer
  • REDOX 2.5 ″ Premium insert
  • osmotic membrane

Filter dimensions: height 43 cm / width 33 cm / depth 13 cm. It comes in a handy case for easy installation.


  • 1 piece per box
  • 8 boxes per EU pallet
In-line sediment cartridge 2"

1 piece

In-line carbon block cartridge 2,5"

1 piece

In-line sediment cartridge 2,5"

1 piece

In-line structurizing cartridge 2"

1 piece

REDOX cartridge 2,5"

1 piece

100 GPD osmotic membrane

1 piece

Metal tank 18 L

1 piece

Packaging: pc/box

1 piece

Packaging: box/pallet

8 boxes