Molecular water filter RO3 Aquaro

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Tankless water filter for aquariums and paludariums.

Provides crystally clear, RO filtered water for your fish and plants.

Reverse osmosis Aquaro 3 is a tankless filter system, which provides crystal clear water for aquariums, paludariums etc.

It efficiently removes from the water any mechanical impurities and harmful substances, such as chlorine, chlorine compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, detergents and phenols.

The Aquaro RO3 filter system contains two inline cartridges and a molecular membrane. It is a versatile water filter system, what makes it great for lab work, including filtering water for lab tests or sanitizing gear and equipment.

In-line sediment cartridge

1 piece

In-line activated carbon cartridge

1 piece

RO membrane

1 piece

Packaging: pc/box

1 piece

Packaging: box/pallet

130 boxes