Molecular water filter RO6 ALABASTER BOX

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Reverse osmosis water filtration system, including activated carbon and remineralising cartridge. Equipped with quick-connetion for fuss-free installation.

RO6 ALABASTER BOX water filter:

  • efficiently reduces unpleasant taste and odour,
  • removes mechanical impurities,
  • removes most cointaminants including lead, fluorides, chlorine, pesticides, detergents, phenols and more,
  • removes up to 97% of dissolved salts

It comes in a white slim casing for easy storage.


  • 1 piece per box
  • 18 boxes per EU pallet
In-line sediment cartridge

2 pieces

In-line granular carbon cartridge

2 pieces

RO membrane

1 piece

In-line mineraliser cartridge

1 piece

Double ceramic faucet for RO

1 piece

Plastic tank 12 L

1 piece

Packaging: pc/box

1 piece

Packaging: box/pallet

18 boxes

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