• FITaqua
    - our mission

    Our mission is to improve people’s life by delivering good water for everyday use. For over 30 years we have been supplying homes and apartments with water filters we want to use ourselves.

    To ensure consistent high quality of FITaqua filters, we engage our knowledge and passion in each step of the development process, including ideation, design manufacture, sales and customer care.

    We are happy to give you modern, economical and ecological products that provide healthy water for healthy living.

  • FITaqua - a family owned company

    FITaqua is one of the brands owned by Amii, a family company. Amii’s founder, Jan Siniarski has established FITaqua over 30 years ago in Poland, as a response to a local problem of aggravating the quality of water.

    Since that time, the brand introduced water filtering systems for home use, to make everyday life easier and more pleasant. FITauqa’s water filters are recognized in Europe and beyond as affordable yet of great quality and efficiency.

FITaqua's big numbers

  • 30 year of experience
    in water filters industry

  • In-house
    R&D department

  • 15 000 contented

  • Certified and tested
    products and components

  • State-of-the-art water filtering technologies

    To provide you with the best water filters, our R&D department constantly improves existing products and evolves new ones. A skilful team of scientists conducts water research, cooperates with universities and develops new water filtering technologies.

    We focus on technology innovation and product efficiency. We have joined these qualities in FITaqua’ modern water filtration systems that give you an ecological and healthy source of water in your home.

  • Save your health and money

    Water filters will surely help you stay healthy, and will also keep some money in your wallet. You can save as much as 2000 EUR per year just by replacing bottled water with filtered water.

    It also means lower use of detergents, as well as prolonged lifetime and trouble-free operation of household appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

FITaqua water filters are certified products

  • Take care of yourself and the environment around you

    Filtered water means fewer single-use plastic bottles every day. When you install a water filter in your kitchen, you can enjoy fresh and tasty water straight from the tap.

    Switching to filtered tap water saves money and reduces the amount of plastic garbage by almost 40 kg per year in each household!

  • Check out FITaqua water filters

    Should you have specific expectations regarding water quality at your home, we will deliver you a solution tailored to your needs.
    We offer filters that address any water problems, be it scale-rich, bad tasting or hard water.

    No matter how much space you have to accommodate a water filter, at FITaqua you will find a product that will fit and work well.

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