Modern water filters for home use

Do you want to enjoy a glass of fresh, great tasting water straight form your kitchen tap? Do you want to save money on heating bills and home appliance repairs? Or maybe you want to waste less time cleaning the bathroom, and spend it instead with your family?

At FITaqua, you will find a way to treat water up to your requirements:

enjoy fresh tap water with drinking water filters, including reverse osmosis filtration, under sink filters and countertop filters
save your dishwasher and water heater with home appliance water filters for showers, washing machines and dishwashers
get rid of skin irritation and water stains by intalling water softeners for homes and appartments
keep your water filter going 27/7 with FITaqua replacement parts

We test and improve each product at our in-house R&D department. This way we can provide you with top-notch water filters with highest quality posiible. Our team of water scientists develops new filtering technologies to deliver safe, efficient and ecological water filters for your home.

Which water issue do you want to solve?

FITaqua's big numbers

  • 30 year of experience
    in water filters industry

  • In-house
    R&D department

  • 15 000 contented

  • Certified and tested
    products and components

What's new?

Drinking water filters

Install drinking water filters at every tap in your home.  Depending on the model, mount them under the sink or on the counter. For under-the-sink solutions,  choose between stadard multi-stage water filters or reverse osmosis water filters, with or without remineralisation.

Kitchen and bathroom filters

Water filter cartridges for home appliances, such as showerheads, dishwashers, washing machines and fridges. Each filter comes in a handy tube for quick and easy installation.

Water softeners

Fully automated water treating devices for softening water. Each of them comes in compact casings for easy use and maintenance. With FITaqua water softeners you can adjust the level of water hardnes to your needs.

Replacement parts

If you use RO water filters or under sink water filters, replacement parts will be indispensable. Easy to replace cartridges with membranes, polypropylene or carbon filling are available at FITaqua.

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