Water softener DIUNA XL (28 l)

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Compact water softener with a separate salt tank. Thanks to its stackable cabinet design, it is suitable for family houses with limited storage space.

A unique two-piece cabinet softener created for use in small custom spaces.
Separate brine tank allows for convenient salt refilling.

Each valve includes multilanguage menu in PL, ENG, ES, FR, IT, DE, SK, RU, TR, ZH, CA, DK.

Nominal water flow

1,5 m³/h

Amount of water softened (10dH)

8,2 m³

Average water consumption for regeneration

<130 liters

Average salt consumption for regeneration

4,2 kg

Connection diameter

3/4 inches

Resin tank dimensions

10 x 35 inches

Volume resin

28 liters

Softener dimensions

head unit
281 x 280 x 1036,5 mm
brine tank
281 x 281 x 910 mm

Input power

100 – 240 V
50 ~ 60 Hz

Output power

12 V
1,5 A

Maximum power consumption

18 W

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