Water softener
Hera L (20 l)

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Compact and slim water softener, will fit in rooms with limited space.

Recommended for a family of 3-4 persons.


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  • raw water pass valve during regeneration,
  • by-pass included,
  • hard-water mixing screw,
  • possibility to connect a disinfecting device.
Resin volume

20 litres

Amount of water softened (10dH)

5,9 m3

Water used for regeneration

<110 litres

Average salt consumption

3,0 kg

Resin tank size

8 x 35 inch

Inlet / outlet connection

3/4 inch

Operating temperature

5 – 38 °C

Operating pressure

1,5 – 6 bar


1090 x 260 x 440 mm

Max. power consumption

18 W