Direct Flow Home Pro

The quality of the water you drink is of immense importance to your health. Water not only contains essential nutrients but also potentially harmful substances such as chemical pollutants, heavy metals, and microorganisms. The Direct Flow Home system has been designed to provide access to pure, healthy water without compromise.


Its innovative device and unique design make it impossible to ignore. Direct Flow Home Pro is a device that, due to its compact size, fits under any sink and fulfills all desired functions.

The device’s main task is to reduce unpleasant taste and odor, remove mechanical impurities, and soluble substances. These are the main tasks it is meant to fulfill in our homes. However, it’s worth mentioning that it also removes most pollutants such as:

  • Lead
  • Fluorides
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Phenols and more.


Pay attention to the original packaging, created in collaboration with artificial intelligence. We used AI to prepare the graphics for the front panel of the newly introduced RO filter, without a flow-through tank, which provides up to 1.5 L/min. This graphic beautifully illustrates how we approach environmental issues and introduce innovations to help incorporate as many ecological solutions into daily life as possible. In addition to caring about water quality and your convenience, Direct Flow Home eliminates the need to use plastic water bottles, contributing to plastic waste reduction. Furthermore, significant cost savings can be achieved by not purchasing bottled water.


Another advantage of Direct Flow Home is its advanced filter technology. Traditional water filters often require regular replacement, which entails costs and inconveniences. However, Direct Flow Home uses membrane technology, allowing for long-term use without the need for frequent filter changes. This saves both time and money. The Direct Flow Home device is not only effective but also extremely efficient. Thanks to rapid water filtration, you will have immediate access to fresh and clean water. Water is filtered in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about water tanks or filter replacement dates.


Another aspect worth noting is that you can install Direct Flow Home Pro by yourself; you don’t need a specialist. The device comes with a detailed instruction manual, which is reliable support during installation.


The Direct Flow Home system is an innovative solution that will allow you to enjoy pure, healthy water in your home without compromise. With advanced filtration technology, ecological benefits, and user convenience, Direct Flow Home Pro becomes an essential device for those who value water quality and want to take care of their and their family’s health.


If you are interested in this innovative solution, consider purchasing the Direct Flow Home system from Fitaqua and enjoy excellent taste and water quality straight from the tap every day.


Whether you are an environmental enthusiast, concerned about your and your family’s health, or simply appreciate the excellent taste of water, it’s worth paying attention to the innovative solution that is the Direct Flow Home system. This device will transform the way you receive and use water in your home.

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