Fitaqua supports sports!

In today’s world, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle has become essential for many of us. We understand that regular physical activity and a proper diet have a tremendous impact on our well-being and overall quality of life. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with the Handball Team – UKS Anilana Łódź!

We have always been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. Our products are known worldwide, and now they have the opportunity to support our Łódź sports community.

The Anilana Łódź Youth Sports Club has been one of the top handball clubs in Poland for many years, achieving success both nationally and internationally. “Anilana” players compete in leading teams in the Superliga and the Polish National Team. Every child can start their adventure with handball in classes led by a professional coaching staff.

Anilana and Amii share many common characteristics. Both teams focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Amii understands the importance of proper hydration during training and sports competition, ensuring the highest water quality.

By supporting the Anilana team, Amii not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also invests in the development of young talents. This is extremely important to us because we believe that young athletes are the future of Polish sports. Thanks to our collaboration, the Anilana Łódź Club will have the opportunity to organize even more sports events, training sessions, and programs that will contribute to the development of handball in the Łódź region.

Great strength lies in partnership, and we are proud to be part of this common mission. We are excited that our company can support young talents and contribute to the growth of sports in Łódź. Together, we will work towards a healthy lifestyle and sporting success, inspiring others to engage in physical activity and prioritize their own health. This is a real win-win for all parties involved, and we look forward to many more shared successes.

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